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Selected Student Theses

Each year a number of student theses are selected to be published in the Centre working paper series. For a list of selected student theses please see below.


Selected theses 2016

Patrik Andersson, A post-mortem analysis of China's township elections

Otso Harju, Women and maids : Perceptions of domestic workers, housework and class among young, progressive, middle- to upper-class women in Delhi

Lucrezia Morellato, Symbolic violence in contemporary Japanese children's literature : Case study of a Japanese folktale in its twenty-first century picture book renditions

Milja Virtanen, Transnational voices or self-serving activists? : The portrayal and legitimation of public intellectuals in Japanese newspapers


Selected theses 2015

Likki-Lee Pitzen, Japan’s Changing Official Development Assistance: How Institutional Reforms Affected the Role of Japan’s Private Sector in ODA Delivery

Bobbie van der List, Japan’s State Secrecy Debate: A Foucauldian Discourse Analysis

Jacco Visser, Towards a Mobile Indigeneity? The Case of Indigenous Students from the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Dhaka, Bangladesh


Selected theses 2014

Jef Smitsmans, The Resilience of Hegemonic  Salaryman Masculinity: A Comparison of Three Prominent Masculinities


Selected theses 2013

Tobias Fast, Another Dam Development Project? Development-forced displacement and resettlement in Nepal


Selected theses 2012

Ting Li, Civilizing Unmarried Urban Women in China: Authentic or Not?

Ekaterina Maiorova, ПЕЛЬМЕНИ [PELMENI]  or 饺子?[JIAOZI] : Dietary Acculturation among Russian Immigrants in Beijing

Jan Niggemeier, Sayōnara Nukes -Development, Mobilisation Strategies and Organisation of Anti-Nuclear Protest in Japan after the 2011 Fukushima Accident

Malin NiIsson, Suspect, Detainee, or Victim? A Discourse Analytical Study of Men's Vulnerability in Thailand's Deep South

Kie Sanada, The Illusion of Totality: A Critical Discourse Analysis on the Identity of Japanese Bureaucrats inside and outside of the Ministries


Selected theses 2011

John L. Hennessey, Discourses of the Heian Era and National Identity Formation in Contemporary Japan

Alena Rakhmanko, The Changing Nature of the “Iron Triangle” Phenomenon: A Case Study of the “Iron Triangle” in the Postal Industry and Postal Reforms in Japan


Selected Theses 2010

Tallyn Gray, Justice and the Khmer Rouge: Concepts of Just Response to the Crimes of the Democratic Kampuchean regime in Buddhism and the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia at the Time of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal

Kuang Xianwen, Collective Resistance of Chengzhongcun Villagers in China: A Case of GuangZhou, Guangdong Province

Sven Stegemann, From the Caterpillar to the Butterfly: Social Entrepreneurship as a New Social Force in China


Selected Theses 2008

Jacinthe Dumont, A Case Study of HIV Prevention in Reform-Era Shanghai : From Risk to an Enabling Environment

Selected Theses 2007

LiLian Lau, Poverty and Sustainability Issues of Microfinance in China: A Case Study in Fu’an, Fujian

Louise Nolle, The Two-Sided Family: The Impact of the Family and Everyday Life on Women's Political Participation in Rural Karnataka

Andreas Tibrand, Representations-Practice-Spectatorship: A Study of Haptic Relations between Independent Cinema and Market-led Urbanization in Contemporary China

Elizabeth Williams Ørberg, The ‘Paradox’ of Being Young in New Delhi: Urban Middle Class Youth Negotiations with Popular Indian Film

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